Sixth Graders: The Joy of Laughing AT You

You know what I love most about sixth graders?  The fact that most of the time they are funny and have no idea that they are being funny.

Example One:

I have an autistic boy we'll call Timmy.  Timmy is an adorably endearing sixth grader who wears his pants far too high and gets fixated on the oddest things.  The other day I was meeting with two other teachers after school and all of a sudden his face is in the window.

"Timmy, what are you doing?"
"Oh, being lost."
"You're lost?"
"No, I'm BEING lost."
"Oh, your planning on going and being lost.  Interesting... did you miss the bus?"
"Well, we need to go call your parents."
"But I'm being lost."
"Well, how bout we be lost at a later time?"

Timmy then turns to leave.

"Timmy, where are you going?"

From down the hall we hear: "To do the right thing!"

Example Two:

Assignment: Use the word "Non-Dairy" in a sentence.

Sentence Example: My friend is lac-toes and tolerant so she has to eat non-dairy foods.

::That's right.  If you need non-dairy foods, you just might lose your toes!  Beware.::

Example Three:

Miss Shakespeare: "Okay.  I need a noun."

Riley: "A unicorn that eats rainbows and poops butterflies!"

Miss Shakespeare: "ONE noun."

Riley: "Pineapple."

::How we went from our first option to our second I don't really know...::

Ah, the joys of sixth graders. We also had an excellent conversation on the characteristics of Harry Potter and how if they had been different the whole story would have changed.  My students are now certain that J.K. Rowling needs to rewrite Harry Potter where HP chooses to side with Malfoy in the beginning and joins Slitherin and competes with Voldemort to see who can take over the wizarding world first.  One student stared in to space, awed with the idea, and said "EVIL Harry Potter."

It could be genuis!!

And my class better get some credit for coming up with the all are my witnesses!  ;)


Kelly said...

I think I would end up in a fit of hysterics everyday. :)

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